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Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. Stick On Strapless Invisible Bra - Voloum Store

    Stick On Strapless Invisible Bra

    You can attest to the physical discomfort of traditional bras and how they ruin your fashionable look. First, the straps will keep falling down your shoulders –when you're least aware –and you always have nervously tucked them back. But of late, new bra innovations have eliminated these constant bores –strapless bras. However, not all changes are perfect; the back straps still make it impossible to wear open dresses or shirts. Backless bras created to solve this problem still fall short on being perfect. A perfect bra, in theory, should: offer reliable support, which boosts confidence; provide comfort, which lacks in many brands today.  The stick on the invisible bra was designed to address these challenges; but does it work?

    "Yes, it works perfectly." 

    These bras feature two silicone cups with the insides covered with adhesive. You paste the cups –one at a time – and bring them together using clasps or drawstrings. Elegant edges make them hard to detect, and the front adjustable clasp helps you enhance your cleavage. Stick on invisible Bras are reusable and washable, with a life time of up to 50 reuses before the stickiness wears off. 

    Don't they hurt when you rip them off?

    No, and nothing is left over your skin and don't harm your breasts. Being strapless, you can show some shoulder skin with off the shoulders tops. You can also wear open dresses and low cut shirts, which will open a new world of possibilities for your style. 

    Stick on Bras vs. Strapless Bras

    Most of you probably own a convertible bra –a regular bra with removable straps –that has one shortcoming. "It keeps slipping down!" To keep it from sliding you can reduce the band size, or make it tighter by purchasing a smaller cup size, but this removes the necessary comfort. With stick on invisible bras, you don't have to worry about the band size and comfort.

    Magic Bras vs. Backless Bras

    You probably tried on that hypnotic dress with a crazy back and found yourself staring at the horrid strap. Backless bras feature no straps at the back but lack the necessary support. They are also most suited for women with smaller chests. These bras share a disadvantage with stick on invisible bras; they are both not suited for rigorous movement. However, the magic bra will offer more support and a fuller cleavage.  

    Verdict on the best option for you

     Ultimately, you should base your decision on comfort, dresses you want to buy, and support. The stick on invisible bra outranks the other bras but fails under conditions of excess moisture. They might feel tight at first, but you will get used to them in no time. Strapless bras are cheaper and highly customisable for different looks. In the end, if you feel more confident and sexy wearing a bra you have the best deal. It's better to have them all and try them out.

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  2. Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit and Teeth Whitening Strips - Voloum Store

    Brighten Your Teeth with Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

    Do pale teeth weaken your confidence? Do you hesitate to guffaw in public gatherings? Whitening by one shade can rev up your confidence. White teeth enhance your beauty. There are many teeth whitening products in the market claiming to be the best but you should know certain things so that you can make a right decision.

    Maintaining oral hygiene is equally important as maintaining the overall well-being. If your teeth are not radiant, your personality will go downhill and definitely you’ll not like it. In market, you can find many ways for teeth whitening. Some go for cosmetic remedies to remove stains from teeth and some use kits. There are basically two types of kits available – hydrogen peroxide and non-peroxide kit.

    Hydrogen Peroxide Kit

    Hydrogen peroxide is an effective dentist chosen method. It rapidly blanches your teeth. However, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have sensitive teeth, you should avoid whitening by hydrogen peroxide kit. In fact, if you have strong teeth and use hydrogen peroxide kit frequently and in higher concentration, your teeth will suffer from teeth sensitivity and mouth irritation.

    Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

    Non-peroxide teeth whitening kits are more natural. This method can be performed safely at home. The major benefit of this method is it won’t cause any mouth irritation and increase sensitivity. Moreover, it is cheaper than hydrogen peroxide. It will give you results without damaging your gums and teeth. Professional teeth whitening kits can set you back a lot even though you use them at home.

    Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Strips

    Swishing oil in mouth is a very common technique to eradicate paleness. However, it doesn’t sound pleasant. Thus non-peroxide teeth whitening strips can work for you. There are generally two types of non-peroxide teeth whitening strips – coconut strips and charcoal strips.

    • Coconut Strips – Coconut oil contains lauric acid. This has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to get rid of plaque and bacteria that cause a foul smell. The strip is convenient to use. It causes no irritation and exposes illuminating teeth after use.

    • Charcoal Strips – Another powerful method to remove stains from teeth is charcoal strips. The strip cleans the surface by removing plaque and bacteria. Further, it also helps to maintain pH level of the mouth that keeps cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis at bay.

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  3. Pusheen & Stormtrooper - Voloum Store

    Why Every Woman Should Acquire a Pusheen Cat Item and Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker


    Pusheen Cat

     Any Pusheen Cat items of genuine quality must appeal to women. A pusheen is a cartoon-like looking cat predominantly used as comic strips on sticker sets.  The character was created by Claire Belton in 2010. Pusheen in Irish means kitten.

    Pusheen |Cat Items

     Some of the available Pusheen items include: Pusheen travel pillow, the pusheen ceramic travel mug, the pusheen mini hot water bottle and the pusheen apron. All of this Pusheen items have a price range of £10 to £15. The items are quite affordable, convenient and admirable. Lately, new pusheen items have come up, and they include:


    Pusheen items are specially designed to appeal to women and kids.


    Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker


    Qualities of Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker

     This speaker is first of all built on original moulds. The design is superbly accurate to the appeal of everyone. Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker has microphones that are built inside to enable hands-free calling. The power button on the Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker could act as the shutter to be used while taking selfies. The speaker has Bluetooth which is compatible with other Bluetooth devices. The speakers come with a micro USB charging cable. The size of the speaker is a 6cm square cubicle.


    Why buy an original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker

     This speaker is conveniently small to fit perfectly inside the galactic pocket of women leggings and trouser pockets for men. The original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker is also loud enough to overcome any distracting external sounds. This speaker enjoys original moulds with an ability to produce 2W worth of sound easily repulsing any rebellion for a period of about four hours before calling for some recharge.


    The integrated microphone allows the user to receive and make calls using the star killer base. The power button is what is just needed to take a selfie from a distance. The added advantage of a lithium battery and Bluetooth connectivity is all a person needs to enjoy the utmost benefits of attaching the original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker on a lanyard positioned on the rear view car mirror.

    What this original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker lacks in terms of size is made up for in the sound quality produced. It is the perfect friend for travelling. The design of this speaker is based on original designs by Andrew Ainsworth. The stormtroopers designs of 1976 make the original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker one of the most original pieces of work anyone could find anywhere. This speaker has a range extending to 10 metres. This is enough for an entire house with a 10 metre radius.


    The wrist lanyard allows the user to freely attach the speaker to a convenient point anywhere. The original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker is probably the most outstanding stormtrooper anywhere. If looking for a small companion of a speaker then this hero is a perfect solution.


    The original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a unique design. The design makes the speaker quite appealing. The stylish piece of work modelled on the basis of Andrew Ainsworth 1977 original piece of work has inspired the design.


    The bottom-line is that the original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker is designed to inspire and to deliver quality. Both elegance and quality of this speaker is unmatched and definitely a darling for selfie and sound.

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